ASWJ denies disagreement within the group leaders

DHUSAMAREB, Somalia (Keydmedia) - Ahlu sunna leaders deny that there is any kind of difference of opinion within the group’s leaders and confirmed that the group would adopt new strategies on the war on Al-Shabab militants.
News Keydmedia Online

Hussein Mohamed Cosoble the treasurer the Ahlusuna group said that rumors about the leaders of the group having a fall out was simply not true.

Mr. Osoble further explained that the group was responsible for the military operations going on in the villages and it will strengthen their offences on Al-Shabab fighters.

Mohamed Cosoble said that they had changed their military tactics they used to use in combating 

Al-Shabab in the villages and he promised that the new strategy will be effective.

These announcements of ASWJ came a time when the Ahlu Sunna soldiers had abandoned all the villages which were under their administration leaving them vulnerable to Al-shabab attacks. - Mogadishu, Somalia 

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