At least 5 people killed in Gedo fighting

LUUQ, Somalia (Keydmedia) - At least five Al shabab people have been killed and many more others wounded in a fierce battle between Somali troops backed by eithopian forces and Al shabab rebels in Gedo region, Keydmedia reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Keydmedia Somali service on phone that the combat which was heavy broke out after Al shabab agents ambushed a convoy carrying Somali and Ethiopian soldiers at a village, just 25 kilometers, east of Luuq town in Somalia’s western region of Gedo.

Reports suggest that five Al shabab combatants have been killed and mor than that number injured during the attack, but Keydmedia could not independently verify that report.

Meanwhile, Keydmedia Somali service contacted with Al shabab governor of Gedo to find out more about the battle, but failed to reach on the telephone., Somalia

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