Both President Sheikh Sharif and parliament speaker, Sharif Hassan agree

MOGADISHU ( sources close to both leaders of Somali Transitional Federal Government Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed and Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam from presidential palace indicated that the president and parliament speaker agreed.
News Keydmedia Online

Both men disagreed with how parliament would give vote of confidence to the newly elected Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed last week.

Parliament speaker wanted parliamentarians to cast their votes secretly while president Sharif liked that mps give their votes through a form of raising hands.

Sheikh Sharif and Sharif Hassan attacked each other in local and international media accusing each, but talks later both men are reported to have agreed with their differences about the approval of the new minister Farmajo.

Parliament session which is supposed to be held tomorrow is expected to give vote of confidence to the minister with out secret ballot as gets sources close the presidential palace where their second talks took place this afternoon.

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