Britain hostages released

Mogadishu ( Two old couples of British hostages who were kidnapped on 23rd Oct. of last year have been released today on Sunday 14th November after their captors given ransom, sources said.
News Keydmedia Online

The couples were named Pual and Rechel Chandlers whose ages are about 60 and 57 and they had been abducted by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean being in their boat.

Officials in Adado district confirmed the release of these two persons and a plane took from Adado mid today which brought in Mogadishu international airport.

Another small plane arrived in the airport from Nairobi which was said to be carrying relatives of the Britain freed hostages and both relatives and the freed ones were led to the presidential palace where the Prime Minister Farmajo is supposed to meet them.

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi had an effort for how these hostages got their freedom.

On the other hand, the couples are reported to be very weak.

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