Clashes and shells leave people dead in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - At least three people were killed and five others were wounded after clashes between Somali government forces backed by African union troops and Al-Shabab fighters’
News Keydmedia Online

The clashes started early Tuesday evening and started after Al-shabab fighters attacked government positions in Bondhere neighborhood.

Somali government officials said they inflicted heavy losses on Al-Shabab.

Reports said that the killed and the wounded were all combatants.

There is no word yet from Al-Shabab regarding  the latest clashes.

Civilians always bear the brunt of the clashes in Somalia’s endless war.

Meanwhile six people were killed and ten others were wounded after the area was bombarded.

The shell struck a holy Quran school killing the teacher and two students while three were killed a shell people in Taleh.

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