Deadly fighting continues the 4th day in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU ( fighting between the transitional federal government supported by African union keeping forces and Islamist militias of Al-shabab and Hisbul-Islam got in its 4th day in the capital, Mogadishu.
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Approximately 80 people are reported to have died in the battle and mortar shells which were going on the last four days consecutively which more than 200 people were hospitalized and some of the injuries are increasingly dying in the hospitals, doctors said.

The largest casualties came the first day when spokesman of Al-shabab Sh. Ali Dheere renewed his announcement calling for war against the government and AMISOM and immediately after his speech, the clashes and bombardments started causing the death of 30 and injuries of 80 others mostly civilians in the biggest and busiest market of Bakara, eyewitness said.


The second day was the day before yesterday as the battle intensified and spread into new areas in Hodan, H/wadag and Wabari districts of Benadir region and a suicide attack targeted to Hotel called Muna occurred causing the death 33 people including 6 MPs and injuries of 30 others in H/weyn close to the presidential palace.

Al-shabab claimed the responsibility of the suicide attack which was taken to Hotel Muna where large number of government authorities and civilians were killed the previous day.


Mortars landed into separate houses in the capital previous night killing 8 people of one family and wounded more others in Wadajir district, residents said.

The fighting was continuing bitterly and heavily and in Hodan and H/wadag districts yesterday and the warring parts were claiming that they had made more victory about the confrontations which turned into face to face, reports said.


Head of emergency ambulance in Mogadishu Ali Muse Sheikh told that they had taken 25 injuries to the hospitals yesterday, but there is no exact number of the casualties that the fighting caused.

Chances to negotiate and peace talks between us and Al-shabab closed and we have the option to fight only and remove Al-shabab from the country, said president Sh. Sharif Sh. Ahmed giving speech to the local F.M stations in Mogadishu.


Latest news from front lines of the warring sides say that the situation is quiet calm now, though Ahlu-Suna together with the government and Islamist militias of Al-shabba and Hisbul-Islam sometimes exchange fires.






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