Deadly suicide kills over 33 and wounds 30 others in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU( At least 33 people were killed and more 30 others wounded including number of parliamentarians and government officials after Islamist gunmen attacked at a hotel in the capital which they suicided themselves, sate media said.
News Keydmedia Online

Armed gunmen got in the hotel named Muna which located in the south parts of the capital, Mogadishu where the transitional government backed by the African union peacekeepers opened fire and killed members of parliaments, officials and other civilians who lived in that hotel, reports said.

Victims of the blast were taken to Madina hospital where they are supposed to get medical assistance and six of these are member of parliamentarians, reports said.

Spokesman of Al-shabab militias Sh. Ali Dheere claimed the responsibility of the suicide attack and said that Special Forces trained for performing like this operations had committed which we had killed over 70 government authorities, he said.

Deputy prime minister and minister of fishing and mineral resources Mr. A/rahman Ibbi told that the gunmen opened fire to the hotel Muna and massacred a lot of people including six members of the parliamentarians and the total of the death is 33 persons including the armed militias who suicided in the hotel later when the ammunition finished from them, the minister said.

This is the second deadliest blast that was targeted to government members in the capital, Mogadishu and it was 3rd December, 2009 when heavy exposition happened in Hotel Shamo where graduation ceremony was going on that killed government ministers and 30 people of including students, guests, journalists, professors and doctors and wounded number of other people.

This suicide attack comes a day after Al-shabab announced that they would take the final war which they would end fighting against transitional federal government backed by AMISOM and at the same time the fighting which began yesterday is still continuing in the capital, Mogadishu that caused about 40 dead and injuries of over 100 mostly civilians as medical officers said.




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