Demonstrations against Faroles’ massacre to the civilians is know on the streets of Galkio

Galkaio (keydmedia) the news coming from the capital city of Mudug Galkaio tells that the civilians who live in Galkaio w demonstrating against Falooles’ massacre to the live stockers.
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Loyal Militia to Farole’s administration killed yesterday 20 persons and  wounded 30 others  all were civilian live stockers in Mudug region.  

Women, children and men who are angry from the massacre are demonstrating in

Galkaio streets specially the southern side you can feel from their faces a great anger,

Generally the public transport stopped and markets have been closed.

The guns have been massacred to the lives stockers are known newly loaded from Bossaso seaport.

Eye witness told that the massacres were 15 war cars, this event come while the United Nations and the American government are backing up faroles’ group and it show how the world is welcoming the faroles’ massacre.

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