Despite bloodshed, U.S. to cite Afghanistan progress

WASHINGTON (keydmedia) - A White House review of President Barack Obama's Afghanistan war strategy being released on Thursday will report that foreign forces are making headway against the Taliban but that hefty challenges remain.
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The review, which the administration has indicated will not result in major strategy changes, is expected to cite hurdles including the need to strengthen Afghan governance and goading Pakistan to eliminate insurgent safe havens.

In what could be a preview of the report, Obama, who is aiming to demonstrate enough progress to start bringing troops home next year, told lawmakers on Wednesday his war strategy was yielding gradual progress and U.S.-led forces would stick with his approach.

Despite the cautious optimism from military commanders a year after he ordered an extra 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, Obama must overcome skepticism on Capitol Hill and among Americans tired of the long, expensive conflict.

Casualties have reached a record high this year as the Taliban insurgency expands.

"There have been isolated security successes, but there

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