Displaced people face hardships

Yaqshid (Keydmedia) - Displaced people in the district of Yaqshid are facing difficulties mainly diseases and along with the ongoing clashes whose main victims are the innocent Somalis.
News Keydmedia Online

11 children have died in Yaqshid after falling ill with measles while many more are still suffering from this illness with no one out to provide the needed help.

"We have no food,no shelter,no medicine and diseases are making our situation more worse "said abdulahi sheikh adan ,a displaced man who lives in camps near qubuuraha barakat.

"We live under plastic sheets supported with wood -you can imagine how difficult that life can be"he added.

Hundreds of families are living in a squalid conditions with no single medical center .

The displaced people called somali people abroad and the aid agencies to come forward with humanitarian as the situation of the people grows increasingly hard.

Millions of dollers are wasted in the war while corrupt politcians are also stealing millions of dollers for their personal use.


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