Djibouti to Send Troops to Somalia

DJibouti ( - The government of Djibouti has announced that it will send troops to Somalia. Djibouti’s foreign affairs minister, Mohamud Ali Yusuf has said that his government will send peacekeeping troops to Somalia.
News Keydmedia Online

Yussuf who recently attended the Arab league meeting in Libya said the troops will join the African Union peacekeeping forces in Mogadishu.

Djibouti’s foreign affairs minster Mohamud Ali Yussuf told reporters that the decision to send troops to Somalia was announced by President Ismail Omar Guelle of Djibouti while speaking in the Arab League meeting in Sirte, Libya.
However, Mr. Yussuf said that their troops will not participate in any confrontations between the Somali government forces and the opposing militias. He said the Djibouti troops will mainly participate in providing technical support to the other peacekeepers.

Djibouti which is a neighbor of Somalia has earlier pledged to send troops to the war-torn country.

But Dijibouti’s foreign affairs minster Mohamud Ali could not also state when the troops will be deployed to Somalia.

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