Do not be afraid of the Somalis, Kenyans told

Nairobi (KON) - "I boarded a matatu number 48 to Kileleshwa at Odeon Cinema stage in the city centre. The matatu had seven other non-Somali passengers. They all alighted calling me a terrorists. I felt very embarrassed and shocked".
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Do not be afraid of the Somalis, Kenyans told

This is the story of Adan Mohamed, the winner Uongozi Season One, the TV reality show that sought to give a platform to young and visionary leaders. The show ran in a local TV station last year.

Adan was headed to his work place in Kileleshwa yesterday, when all travellers in a Nissan matatu alighted when he boarded.

"I got shocked and embarrassed. I later took a taxi to work," said Adan.

"Were they doing that because I am Somali? I used the same matatu for years to my place of work. What has changed now?" said Adan.

This comes as Kenyans are warned against reprisal attacks mainly targeting Somalis in the wake of increased terrorist attacks.

"Kenyans shouldn

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