Dutch prosecutors release five suspected Somali terrorists

Prosecutors have released five Somali men suspected of planning terror attacks in the Netherlands. The seven remaining suspects are still in custody.
News Keydmedia Online

Five of the 12 Somali men arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in the Netherlands have been released, Dutch prosecutors said on Sunday.

The 12 men were arrested in the port of Rotterdam late on Friday following a tip from intelligence services that said an attack may have been imminent. There was no information on the target or timeline of the alleged attack.

Prosecutors said the men were no longer considered suspects, adding that two of the men were in possession of valid Dutch residency permits.

"The police investigation did not show that they participated in punishable crimes," prosecutors said.

The seven other suspects, aged between 19 and 48, were to remain in detention until at least Monday, when prosecutors were to decide whether to request an extension of their detentions.

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