Explosion near Mogadishu Hospital injures 3

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia) — A bomb detonated in Mogadishu near the main entrance of Madina hospital, leaving at least three civilians injured, witnesses and medical sources said on Wednesday.
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Doctors at Madine hospital told Keydmedia English News correspondent in the capital by phone that the blast was a hand grenade attack and has injured seriously two passerbies and the attacker who lost his limbs instantly following the attack.

Somali government police cordoned off the scene of the blast that was heard in many parts of Mogadishu early on Wednesday morning. Police forces began searches for the culprits and said the situation is under control after the incident.

Madine hospital treats many wounded people who were hurt in the daily violence between TFG, AMISOM and Al shabab rebels in the capital.

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the latest assault but Islamist radicals linked with Al Qaeda opposed to the Somali government and the presence of the peacekeepers from the AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia known as AMISOM usually carry out similar attacks on targets of the government and AU peacekeeping forces as well as civilian target.

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