Explosion wounds government soldiers

MOGADISHU (Keydmedia.net)-At least three government soldiers and two other civilians were wounded in an explosion that took place at around a police station in Dharkenlay district last night, eye witness said
News Keydmedia Online


The explosion occurred at a time the military armies were patrolling and keeping the security around the west station of Dharkenlay district and it was heavy hand bomb which could be heard in neighboring villages, a resident said.

Government soldiers opened fire when the explosion had taken place that was part of casualties although the attackers escaped from area.

The twin districts of Wadajir and Dharkenlay are very populated according to the other districts in Benadir region because of internally displaced people that fled to them and these districts were stable areas where the transitional federal government control.

Security situations to those districts worsened after the governor and mayor of Mogadishu Mohamud Ahmed Tarsan praised the peace in Wadajir and Dharkenlay districts and that was the cause of these consecutive attacks from the insurgents, local pharmacist told Keydmedia.  

There is no operation that government soldiers are carrying out in the scene and there is calm in the area this morning.





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