Famous Somali poet dies in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (Keydmedia.net)-Abshir Nor Farah known as Abshir Ba’adle, famous Somali poet and businessman has died on Saturday night, 9th October, in the capital Mogadishu, his colleague said.
News Keydmedia Online

The poet died in his home at Wadajir district of Benadir region about 9:30 local time in Mogadishu with out serous illness, although he told his colleagues and relatives that he was rather sick a week before, leaving one poem that he was begging from Allah to give him mercy after death, reports said.

Sheikh Mohamud Aw Abdulle Arif talked about Abshir’s personality saying he was working welfare and helping Somali people and pointed him excellent person whom Aw Arif worked with during the last three years.

Sheikh Mahamud said, “I’am very sorry to the death of Abshir Ba’adle and every soul shall taste death and I send condolence message to the family and relatives whom he had left and may he soul rest in the paradise”.

Abshir’s colleague, famous poet Abdullahi Osman Gure expressed sorrow of the death of Abshir Nor Farah Ba’adle equally adding that Mr. Abshir was born in Mustahil, Ethiopian-Somali territory.

The deceased poet, Abshir Ba’adle left children and their mother.

Abshir recited may poems in his life time about the religion, social behavioral changes and political issues in the country although he was said to be inclined to the tribe while supporting General Mohamed Farah Aidid with poems during civil-wars.

His funeral prayer took place in Abu-hurayra mosque in Bakara, market and he was buried today on Sunday at Barakat Cemetery southwest Mogadishu.

Shiekh Hassan Dahir Aways and other insurgents’ group leaders attended the burrier of the deceased poet, although the transitional federal government could not participate it, but sent condolence as the city is separated into two parts where the Islamists control and where the government runs by.


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