Fierce fighting in central Somalia kills 10

Galka’yo ( – At least 10 people have been killed and dozens injured after fighters from two rival militias loyal to the Galmudug state and Puntland clashed in central Somalia villages, witnesses reported.
News Keydmedia Online

Witnesses say bitter clashes broke out at Jiliblaheyre iyo Bardaale villages near to the town of Galka’yo, the capital of Mudug region with both sides exchanged heavy machine-guns and barrages of mortar shells which could be heard far from the battlefields.

All casualties were confirmed to be herds as civilians fled to bush areas and some were barefoot with no belongings. Puntland wants to extend its area of control from the north towards the southern Galka’yo town in central Somalia.

The Latest reports from the fighting suggest that the combat is now going on at Bitale area controlled by Galmudug state of Somalia. The fighters of Farole are getting re-enforcement from north of Galka’yo town.

Independent reports Keydmedia Received from Galka’yo town indicate that Farole militias have attacked on Hotel Embasi in Galka\

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