Fighting kills 10 and wounds in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU ( least 10 people were killed and 30 others wounded in a heavy fighting between Islamist militias of Al-shabab and the transitional federal government backed by African Union peace keeping forces in the capital, Mogadishu, reports said.
News Keydmedia Online

The clashes and strike began yesterday afternoon between the warring parts in the northern districts of the capital Mogadishu and was going till today, reports said.

Head of emergency ambulances in Mogadishu Ali Muse Sheikh told reporters that they have collected 25 injuries and taken to the hospitals in Mogadishu adding that they had taken injuries from different areas in and out of fighting zones.

Spokesman of Al-shabab for military department claimed that they captured new positions from the government forces backed by African Union peacekeeping forces and closed to the presidential palace naming the districts like Bondhere, Shibis A/asis of north Mogadishu where they have started their attack, he said.

On the other hand, government spokesman disproved the claims of Al-shabab and equally claiming that government forces advanced forward.

The battle which was going on the latest three weeks caused the death of over 200 people and over 300 innocent civilians in the capital Mogadishu and the warring parts remain where they were early last month.

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