Fighting resumes in El-Waq town, Gedo region

KISMAYU, Somalia (Keydmedia) – Heavy battle between Somali government soldiers backing by Kenyan military and Al shabab insurgents broke out early on Saturday in the country’s southwestern region of Gedo, Keydmedia reports.
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As the telecommunication services in El-Waq, the battlefield cut off and the reports reaching to Keydmedia News desk in Kismayu from say, the fighting is tense with both sides exchanging heavy machine guns and mortar fire.

Residents told Keydmedia Somali by phone under anonymity that the clashes sparked when Al shabab agents attacked at dawn on several military bases that controlled by Somali and Kenya army on the on skirts of El-Waq town.

More reinforcements from the allied military forces have reached at villages surrounding nearby El-Waq who are said to be ready to take on Al shabaab fighters from the whole region.

Dependable source confirmed to Keydmedia Somali that Al Shabaab have deserted from areas close the district after fearful conditions faced them.

Figures on the casualties were not immediately known as the fighting is still going on. - Kismayu, Somalia

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