Fighting takes place in Bakara market between insurgents

MOGADISHU ( least 4 people were killed and 4 others wounded after the Islamist groups fought in the biggest market Bakara on Sunday morning, eyewitness told to
News Keydmedia Online

The dead and injuries include the warring insurgents’ militias who fought at the Drug Market department in Somali’s main market that turned into strong hold of these militias the latest three years, reports said.

One of dead is reported to be a court judge of one of these militias who is very famous around there although we did not find his full name.

“I am in my trade centre, especially in a room where half of the door and window are closed and I am going to shut it down completely” trader said to refusing his name to be mentioned in the media.

I got under butcher table which is sold meat when two militias were exchanging fires and I escaped later, Omar Dhere said. 

There were differences between these militias recently and there were another attempts to get war each group yesterday morning at Dahabshil company, large money transfer agency at the second Bakara street, said another youth in Bakara market adding that there was no anybody in market last night duty to fear of confrontation between these militias.

It’s exactly known the reason of the battle, but one of these militias liked to control whole Somalia, but never shared with the power as sources close to them indicate

There are talks between these two sides which are on going now as reports from Bakara say, no one can foresee whether talks would be an understanding one or not.


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