Four worshipers are killed in Bari region.

Bosaso (Keydmedia) - armed forces have killed four worshipers in a mosque locating in Ufeyn district in Bari region.
News Keydmedia Online

Eyewitness confirmed that unknown gunmen attacked the mosque and killed the worshipers.

Meanwhile, the governor of Bari region confirmed to media in Bosaso the regional capital that number of elders and businessmen has been jailed in the city.

Abdi Hafid Ali Yusuf, the governor of Bari region, said that security forces of Puntiland conducted the villages of the city and seized elders and businessmen who have been accused of fueling clannish war in the region, families of the detainees denied the allegations

Yesterday, at least 20 youngsters have been jailed in Bosaso, two civilians have been killed and three others were injured by especial forces of Puntlilad leader, after they fired to civilian bus.

Recently, the security forces in Puntiland residents started arresting teenagers, elders and businessmen with out no evidence of making illegal acts.

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