Fresh fighting kills 10 and wounds over 20 others in Puntland

MOGADISHU( over 10 people were killed and and 20 others wounded after a heavy fighting between forces of autonomous regions of Punt-land and Islamist militias loyal to religious leader Mohamed Sa’id Atam, official said.
News Keydmedia Online

The fighting has taken place in a hilly village named Gal-galo near the port town of  Bosaso of Eastern region and warring parts were using heavy weapons including machine guns and artillery which could be heard surrounding areas of that city, residents said.

Most of the dead and injuries were warring sides of the Islamist militias headed by Mohamed Sa’id Atam who is believed to have great ally with Islamist forces of Al-shabab which control most of southern regions of Somalia and forces of Puntland administration of eastern regions, journalists in the coast town said.

It’s reported that the fighting is still going and some of the authorities of Puntland are taking part the battle aimed at how Atam’s militias could be rooted out, official said.

Senior officials at frontlines held press conference through telephone line told that they captured many bases from the other militias and killed 18 fighters from them, but there are no independent sources from these officials.

This is the second fighting between militias loyal to Mohamed Sa’id Atam and forces of the autonomous regions of Puntland and no one could forecast how and where the situation would remain next.


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