Government forces withdraw from a southern town

Gedo (Keydmedia) - Somali government troops have reportedly withdrew from Dhamas village near Elwaq where they were in control.
News Keydmedia Online

Sources said the withdrawal was caused after soldiers suffered poor living conditions in a time when they are engaged in war against Shabab insurgents.

The move is believed to an expression of frustrated soldiers are about payment  of salaries.

Recently, Somali defense officials visited Gedo region boost morale for the soldiers and promised salaries would be paid.

Sahal Moalin Isse ,a Somali government official called the senior government leaders to intervene the issue and solve grievances of the soldiers.

The area has been reportedly retaken by Al-shabab soon after government soldiers withdrew.

Government troops have the habit of withdrawing positions they take from Shabab.

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