Government police continue investigation

MOGADISHU ( close to the areas where the roadside bomb exploded in Dharkenlay district yesterday said that government police started operations to find out the suspects, reports.
News Keydmedia Online

The roadside bomb which happened in Dharkenlay district was targeted to an armed vehicle owned by the transitional federal government going to a police station there causing injury of one person, eyewitness said.

After the explosion, the government military army reached there and held three suspects for the blast whom they have led to the police station and they have come to the area this morning back making home to home search which could be the first one since the Ethiopian troops left the country.

Another operation is going ahead in Waberi district this morning which equals to the one in Dharkenlay that police are carrying out though Wabari district became the worst area where government officials are targeted through roadside bomb by Islamist militias, reports said.

District commissioners of both districts Waberi and Dharkenlay didn’t pay any comment about the current conduct continuing there, sources said.



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