Heavy Fighting resumes in Galgadud region, central Somalia

EL-BUR, Somalia (Keydmedia) – Heavy fighting between pro-government Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a ASWJ fighters and Al-Qaeda-linked militants is reportedly flared up on Tuesday in parts of Somalia’s central region of Galgadud, Keydmedia reports.
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Sources said the fighting erupted when ASWJ fighters mounting on pickups launched an attack on Al-Shabaab bases in the outskirts of El-Bur town, killing at least 60 militants.

“The fighting broke out at about 9:00 am local time, and after hours of fighting our forces seized the villages near El-Bur district. Three of our fighters were killed,” ASWJ official who asked anonymity, told Keydmedia English News on the phone.

No Al shabab official could immediately reach for comments.

El-Bur town has been a focal point of fighting between ASWJ and Al-Shabaab in recent weeks, as Al-Shabaab fighters attempt to seize control of Galgudud from the Ahlu Sunna. 

Keydmedia.net - Mogadishu, Somalia  

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