High level EU visit to Mogadishu on security support

EU | Press release - Today, the Deputy Secretary General for the External Action Service (EEAS) of the European Union, Maciej Popowski, visited the Somalia capital Mogadishu.
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The Deputy Secretary General met with the Minister of Defence, Abdihakim Mohamud Haji Fiqi, and the Minister of Internal Security, Abdikarim Hussein Gulled . They discussed the Somali plans aiming at developing the security sector and how the EU is aligning its security support with these new priorities.

"Stabilizing Somalia is a priority for the European Union and for EU High Representative Catherine Ashton. We do so in partnership with the Somalis and the African Union, said M. Popowski. Together we are confident that, step by step, stability and security will be restored in Somalia."

The EU has always been very supportive of the Somali security sector. Since 2008, the EU has provided financial support to AMISOM and to the Somali police. And under the EU Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), the EU has launched 3 missions to contribute to security challenges: the Military Training Mission (EUTM) to support the Somali security forces, the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) operation “Atalanta” to fight piracy at sea, and the EUCAP NESTOR to develop regional maritime capacity of states in the Horn.

Today, the EU stands ready to further develop the Somali security capability that provides for protection of the population, respects human rights and is fully accountable to the political authorities.


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