Human Concern International responds to the Somali famine

?For several months, a relentless drought has plagued Somalia and the Somali people. The prolonged drought has already killed thousands, and has left millions in search of relief. Malnourished, hundreds of thousands are fleeing Somalia in hopes of reaching refugee camps in Kenya in hopes of getting much-needed food and water.
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Others are seeking help closer to home, walking hundred of kilometers to lesser affected areas of Somalia. Some make it, many do not. The ones who make it, the “lucky” ones, still do not have access to the necessities of life, and aid organizations fear a death toll of thousands.

Human Concern International (HCI), in partnership with HIMILO International Civic Development Agency (HICDA), was among the first aid organizations distributing food in and around Mogadishu. HICDA partnered with the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation and ISHARDO in Somalia to deliver aid.

A total of 800 families were provided with a month’s worth of food (click here for pictures) and at Dr. Hawa’s feeding centre 27,000 meals were prepared for the new influx of the drought affected people. HCI also delivered a new water pump motor that will drastically improve the water supply system in the camp for over 100,000 people.

Every day, more families arrive in Mogadishu seeking help. The local hospital is becoming overwhelmed by the steady stream of sick children and elderly. In addition to medical attention, the severely malnourished patients need a special diet to regain their health, which their families often cannot afford.

The Somali community has really come together, responding immediately to our people’s call for help, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the region. The Somali-Canadian/ Muslim and the larger Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Windsor and Kitchener communities are holding frequent fundraisers across these communities to scrape together as much money as possible to send to the drought affected people in Somalia.

The work is not done. We need your help to continue our good work in Somalia. Please give generously by donating online. Or contact Mohamed Ali Aden (416)885-5997 in Toronto.

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