IMF and West to blame for Africa famine! (WACH VIDEO)

London (Keydmedia) - An analyst says Western intervention in Africa over decades through IMF burden and political war games is the cause of famine and structural damage.
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Press TV discusses the new crisis of starvation in Africa with Chris Banbury, a humanitarian activist from London on the underlying causes, and of responses and misappropriations by Western and European countries. Following is a near transcript of the interview.

Press TV: It seems when it comes to aid i.e. food aid, the issue does become politicized. The US has been blamed for waging a food war against Somalia due to a stance or anti-stance with al-Shabab fighters; and we could mention in terms of supplying aid that they need to pay some of these resistance fighters in fees, but the US disagrees with that, which then prevents the food from getting to affected areas, which in essence has led to the starvation.

Tell us how this stops the effort in getting aid to the people who are near death.

Chris Banbury: The situation in Somalia is obviously dreadful, but it

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