“Keep Farole from the people” sheikh Isse Dalabey said

Somalia-Mogadishu (keydmedia) The Chairman of the house of elder’s policy of the hawie clans Sheikh Isse Ahmed Dalabey known as (Isse tall) discovered the abuse of Farole administration to the innocent civilians who live in the southern Galkaio.
News Keydmedia Online

Sheikh dalabey today held a press in Mogadishu, said that acts massacre and hateful based in moreover people start dancing of many living in recent times.

The chairman of the house of elders Hawie, came to the recently  when Farole forces in which now saves you by the people have in rural areas in recent times where they were among you they would not fight save the time  before the clans in the recent times from other.

"Farole his strength and  speech when the income man evil to with Hawie, i am very sorry about what   farole did, to the  human beings which is not humanitarianism,  farole you must go back to the history, and we go back to understanding you" said Sheikh Isse Dalabey.

And he added to announce the clan which farole is originally from, and he demanded to his clan that why he has trouble controlling his passions and people based on the problem.

On the other hand, sheikh Dalabey mentioned that if they continue remedies hateful based on the Somali people especially the hawie may make possible to break enmity which would leave a lasting hostility between the clans.


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