Kenya opens airspace for Somalia-bound planes

Kenya opens airspace for Somalia-bound planes, calling a a 'goodwill' gesture to restore bilateral ties with Mogadishu after a diplomatic tiff.

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Kenya opens airspace for Somalia-bound planes

NAIROBI - The Kenyan government has announced the reopening of its airspace to flights to and from Somalia, after ‘intercession made’.

In a statement dated June 10, Kenya’s ministry of foreign affairs says ‘goodwill’ measure has been made ‘in the mutual interest’ of the two countries.

“Government of Kenya has taken due consideration of intercession made and has decided to re-open Kenya's airspace to all flights originating from Somalia and emanating from Kenya to Somalia”

Kenya closed its airspace with Somalia on May 11th, critics claim that the decision is a protest against Somalia's Khat ban.

The outgoing president Farmajo who is seeking re-election has severed relations in December 2020, accusing Nairobi of meddling in the internal affairs of Somalia, mainly the upcoming elections, a claim that Nairobi has repeatedly rejected.

For almost ten years, Somalia and Kenya engaged in a long-running Indian ocean maritime boundary dispute as both fighting to control valuable deposits of oil and gas, and Mogadishu has sought ICJ arbitration over the matter.

Kenya is one of the contributors of troops to AMISOM, a strong AU force battling Al-Shabaab militants who are waging a violent campaign as they seek to unseat the Somali government.


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