Kenya army, warlord Gandi take control of a key Al Shabaab town in Somalia

Kismayu, Somalia ( - Rebels loyal to the Warlord Gandi backed by Kenyan forces have taken over two Al Shabaab controlled town after two a joint major offensive that left the town of Dalayat in Southern Somalia, under the control their control. At least two innocent civilians were confirmed dead.
News Keydmedia Online

The area which is just 25-Km away from Badade district came under heavy attack and shells between the militias of warlord Gandi aiding by Kenyan army and Al-shabab fighters in the early hours of Tuesday morning which enabled the invading coalition forces to take over the town. An unspecified number of both warring sides died in the attacks.

It was not immediately clear the exact civilian causalities in the fighting which occurred Tuesday in Dalayat area in Lower Jubba region of southwestern Somalia.

Al Shabaab is completely weakened. They have lost a source of revenue in Hosingo, because of the contraband they were passing there. They have lost control of the southern sector through the loss of Badade, and therefore they have receded back towards the coastal town of Kismayu.

The recapture of this town was described the move as a major victory for the Kenyan forces and warlord Gandi who is struggling to take over the port town of Kismayu, the capital city of Lower Jubba region of Somalia.

Away from the battleground of Somalia, Kenya continues to lobby the international community to step-up its support for the country’s fight against Al-shabab, whom Nairobi blames a spate of cross-border attacks and kidnapping in its soil. - Kismayu, Somalia

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