Kenyan army clashes with Al-shabab in southwestern Somalia town

KISMAYU, Somalia (Keydmedia) - A fierce fighting between Al-Qaeda-linked Al-shabab rebels and the invading Kenyan troops took place Saturday at Kulbiyow area nearby Badhadhe town in Lower Jubba region of south-western Somalia, Keydmedia English reports.
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Reports indicate that the battle broke out after Al-shabab rebels have launched an ambush attack on a Kenyan and Somali military convoy traveling between Kulbiyow and Badhahdhe town which are still in control of TFG soldiers backed by KDF.

Witnesses said fighters from Al-shabab launched a surprise attack on the convoys of Kenyan troops and Somali soldiers loyal to warlord Gandi in near Badhahdhe town, leading to heavy exchanges of fire and aerial raids.

It is not clear so far how many people were killed or injured  on Saturday combat with both warring sides used heavy-artillery fire during the attack and counter-attack nearby Badhadhe town in Lower jubba region of Somalia, which is close to Kenya border.

Keydmedia English News contacted with officials Warlord Gandi Militias to know more about the casualties, but they declined to talk about battle because they were authorized to comment to the Media.

Al-shabab has not said any word about the fighting in Badhadhe town on Saturday. - Kismayu, Somalia

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