Kenyan Ogadeni elders warn Somali president on Jubbaland crisis

Nairobi (KON) - Traditional elders from Kenya’s Garisa town have a held an emergency meeting calling Somali President to stop meddling in Jubbaland affairs.
News Keydmedia Online

The meeting of the Ogaden clan elders was organized by Kenya and Ethiopia using the name of IGAD. They warned Somalia’s new president Hasan Sheikh Mohamud that the IGAD sponsored Ogaden talks on forming a regional administration for Jubbaland will remain irreversible under the guidance of Kenya’s state defence minister, Mohamed Yusuf Haji and his son Nuradin, who also belong to Ogaden clan.

The elders emphasized that President Hassan’s remarks of taking over initiatives of Jubbaland administration were ridiculous, intended to favour his Hawiye clan interests.

One of the elders said the issue of Jubbaland to have its own administration will be decided by the local people from Jubba regions, who are currently meeting in Nairobi.

The remarks of the Ogadeni elders indicate how dirty clan politics dominate the issue of Jubbaland, given the fact that the Ogaden elders from Garisa are not even Somali citizens, but driven by extreme clan interests.

Source: Wagoshanews

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