MOGADISHU ( and visiting Internet-Web-pages in the world depends on the appearance and the structure of the web-site let alone the latest news, articles, features, films, interviews, stories and other images about on going crises in the world presented on it, but the visitors are different in many aspects duty to the criteria they use and their choice.
News Keydmedia Online

Considering our visitors and their suggestion to, we have completely changed the appearance and behavior of by giving new design and shape which equals to the developed websites in the world.

We were not thinking of only how to get to be decorated, but also we planned to display facts in the country to whole Somali people who are in or out of the country through well beautified web-site and technology of modern communication method. varies from other sites focusing films based on Somalia issues by interviewing politicians whom we believe they are to be asked more about the future of the country since endless fighting continues which started after the central government collapsed in 1991 keeps the ethics of journalism and well experienced journalists around the world work the site showing the reality of every thing happens that concerns Somali people and giving voice to voiceless people in the lawless country.

The website presents information into two ways: Somali version and English version and the stories interpret each other as you have already seen or would see it after you click

‘The website was on air and functioning with in two months and half and gained 270,000 of customers/visitors which is increasing number when we look at the short time we were on air, Keydmedia staff said.

The initiative of creating this website was a long strategic dream from the brain of Somali film maker Mr. Ali Sa’id Hassan who dedicated this media for whole Somali community wherever they are. gives businesspeople chance to display their products on this website, we are committed to advertise their products in a modern way so we call them not to hesitate to contact us with

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