Land dispute clashes kill 7, including soldiers in Hargeisa town

HARGEISA (Keydmedia) — Deadly clashes over a land dispute in Somalia’s northern town of Hargeisa on Tuesday killed at least seven people, three of them soldiers, Keydmedia reports.
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The clashes erupted when residents in the area said the local government tried to evict people from a plot of land that they claim they occupied from the former socialist government of Mohamed Siad Bare. 

“It was a gory skirmishing and a young girl and a teenage boy were brutally shot by armed security forces in the capital’s New Hargeisa neighbourhood on Tuesday by Somaliland forces” a witness told Keydmedia English News correspondent in the town.

They accused the state authority of illegal land grabbing and deliberately selling it to others to incite violence. 

Reports said Security forces including the newly-formed, heavily armed and British trained Resistant Reaction Unit (RRU) were deployed to the site early hours. 

Minutes after arriving they clashed with angry protesters and residents which also left scores wounded including a mother. 

The residents say they will not be forcefully evicted from their land and that police were using brutal force including live ammunition and heavy machine guns. - Hargeisa, Somalia

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