Mine explosion kills 3, injuries 12

MOGADIHSU(Keydmedia)- at least three people were killed and twelve others injured in a roadside mine blast that exploded in Bondhere district today on Wednesday, district commissioner said.
News Keydmedia Online

Most of the victims who were all women sweeping on the road for sanitation purposes, were taken to hospitals in the capital Mogadishu  

‘This was remote control which Al-shabab behinds and the attacker with remote control was killed and lay there and the women were working of the sanitation, two of them died and twelve others wounded, said Bondhere district commissioner speaking to the reports.

It was two years earlier when heavy explosion which was buried inside the road killed dozens of women and wounded other large number working sanitation of the city and this becomes a step taken into wrong side and will never encourage women to do other activity in the capital as crying women among these ladies told local radios in Mogadishu.

The state minister of home affairs Abdirashid Hidig held press conference and condemned Al-shabab that they masterminded the blast that was targeted over 60 women in that area.

Explosions which are targeted government officials and their armed vehicles and any other operations that take place where the government control seems to ordinary one as the government is very weak and cannot manage the obstacles.  

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