News camp is established in Mogadishu for refugees from drought affected regions.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) – Administration of Banadir region established new refugee camp called Badbado Camp in Dharkeynley district in southern Somali capital so as to feed drought victims from Somali central and southern regions.
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Badbado Camp which is the first refugee camp made by Administration of Banadir region hosts now over 5,000 families from southern Somalia.
The administration made this to feed all drought victims from southern regions that live various places in the capital.

Mogadishu mayor who spoke to media in the camp said that his administration will patrol the situation of the refugees closely.

In the new camp, refugees are given cooked food and medicine.

Information minister and acting interior minister who visited the camp on Thursday have contributed aid in the camp and called aid agencies to help needed Somalis quickly.

After the worst drought hit in Somalia recent years, influx of the families has been continuing extremely, most of them headed to the capital, and some of them crossed the boarders of neighboring countries.

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