Norway oil interests push Kenya into Somalia proxy war

Nairobi (Keydmedia) - When the British couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler was kidnapped and held for one year by Somali pirates, the UK government did not use tanks and military jets to hunt for the abductors.
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But the case is different in Kenya, where few days after the abduction of foreign tourists and aid workers, the country crossed the border into Somalia, claiming it was chasing the Al-Shabab militants, whom it said were behind the kidnapping.

Al-Shabab, a desperate Islamic militants, who felt the heat in the capital, Mogadishu denied taking part in the abductions of the foreigners in Kenya, although Kenya it self has no proof to show that it was Al-Shabab that had actually captured the foreigners.

For the last two months Somali gunmen from both sides of the border have been operating freely in the area, killing innocent refugees, raping and wounding some others. Kenyan officials are aware of this and were reluctant to take any action.

Kenyan military incursion against Al-Shabab

Reliable sources in Kenya and Somali governments confirm that Kenya has been pushed by Norway, which has long time dream of the war-torn country’s oil resources.

A Kenyan official who declined to be named told Wagoshanews that Nairobi authorities received millions of dollars from the Norwegian government to attack southern Somalia in the pretext of fighting against Al-Shabab. “The Norwegian was angry with Somali parliament’s recent decision of rejecting a plan aimed at changing Somalia’s sea boundaries that could allow Norway to drill free of charge oil from the region”, added the official.

Since 2006 Norway has been making efforts to find an opportunity of drilling Somalia oil, but according to Somali politicians, Norwegians have been looking for dodgy deals that will give them rights to benefit from Somalia resources.

Norway attempts to trap Somali leaders on oil resources

In 2007, Norwegian officials were playing tricky diplomatic game on Somalia crisis. Diplomats used to issue comments on how best the country’s crisis could be resolved, sometimes using sympathy words to Islamic Courts leaders in Eritrea. Norway also attempted to talk to some Somali cabinet members to ensure that it’s given rights to Somalia’s oil reserves.

During this time Norway had also been working on how to change Somalia’s sea boundaries after some negative signs emerged from its efforts to loot Horn of African oil reserves.
Norway attempts on how to use UN to get Somalia oil

Norway had contacted with the UN regarding the Somalia sea boundaries in order to make some changes that will enable her to achieve its hidden agenda. The UN asked Norway to work with UN office on Somalia affairs and Somalia leaders on how to succeed in this issue.

The former UN envoy to Somalia, Ahmad Ould Abdallah backed Norwegian bid and signed papers to ensure that the boundaries change are made according to Norwegian needs.

But again the UN needed a signature of the Somali leaders to back the Norwegian bid, and it was Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad, the Somali interim president, who signed the Norwegian bid in Turkey, when officials from Norway approached him and convinced him to sign.

It’s not clear how Norway had succeeded to convince Mr Ould Abdallah and President Sharif, but sources within Somali and Kenyan governments say huge amount, possible millions of dollars were paid to secure the deal.
Norway, Somalia oil cooperation during Siyad Barre rule

A Somali minister who declined to be named said Norway tried producing oil in Somalia after successful; oil discovery in North Eastern part of the country (known as Puntland) and southern Somalia between Barawe to Jubba regions in southern Somalia.

But some western countries that had more influence than Norway stopped the plan.

President Siyad Barre was for the plan, but it was difficult to implement it without the consent of the powerful Western countries.

Kenyan ministers, buffer zone affair

As Kenyan military incursion continues in southern Jubba regions, Norway is said to be using some individuals in Kenyan cabinet to persuade the Somali government to support the idea of creating a buffer zone in Jubbaland region.
Norway believes the creation of Jubbaland administration will facilitate its conspiracy of stealing Somalia resources.

Reports say the recent visit of Kenyan ministers to Mogadishu was to put more pressure on President Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad, who opposes the so-called Azania state backed by Kenyan government.

The ultimate goal of Norway is to use the rule Jubbaland and loot its resources through Kenyan government, specially the suspected corrupt ministers who are in the fore front of this ill advised project.

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