Open Letter to Galmudug Regional state

Moqadishu (Keydmedia) - I, General Abdurahman Warsame Elmi (Caarre), would like to express here my personal feelings and attitude about the abduction of Mr. Micheal Scott Moore, an American Journalist who was kidnapped in Galcaio on the 22 January 2012.
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Open Letter to Galmudug Regional state

Firstly I deeply regret that terrible incident and the sufferings of this innocent man who came to our country and specially, to Galmudug areas for activities which are in line with the interests of the region and its people.   Mr Scott has lost his personal freedom which is a serious violation of his basic human rights, and a painful ordeal to his family and friends.  This abduction and the others of its kind are violations of international laws and damage our image as a nation and our relations with the friendly countries to which this man is a citizen.

I believe that the abduction and kidnappings which took place in Galmudug areas specially the abduction of Mr. Scott are shameful precedent and have nothing to do with our noble and hospitable culture and tradition. This damages the international image of the local people and renders Galmudug administration irresponsible.  Criminal activities like this also pose serious threats to the peace and stability of that region and Somalia in general. In addition, these criminal acts may hinder any developmental assistance to the area and may also lead to bloody retaliations as was the case in other parties of our country. 

I am therefore, urging you all to work together to secure the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Scott with the help and collaboration of the immediate families and relatives of these thugs, the Galmudug Institutions, and anyone else who can help the rescue of this victim and the apprehension of the marauding criminals behind this heinous crime.

I pray Allaah almighty to help you succeed the rescue of this victim.

 Major general Abdurahman Warsame Elmi (Carre)

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