People in Belet-weyne town displace

MOGADISHU ( from the strategic town Of Beled-weyn in Hiiraan Region said that the people in the city are fleeing from their homes for fear of repeated violence between warring groups in that region
News Keydmedia Online

Women, children and old people are seen running away to a different villages and districts of that region.

The main districts where the internally displacing people are directing and reaching are Bulo-burde, Jala-laksi  and other neighborhoods in the central region of Hiiran.

Heavy fighting between Islamist militias who control there and government soldiers took place yesterday on Saturday 16th Oct. which caused death and wound of warring sides including civilians in the city of Beled-Weyn.

There is tense in the city this morning and a war may break out at any time between warring groups, residents said.

There are reports indicating that Ethiopian army are at the Kala-beyr junction near the strategic town of Beled-weyn where they are said to be investigating big trucks using the road that links Beled-weyn to the northern regions.

It’s known how the situation will be and which side will have the upper hand of the control of the city as fighting always occurs repeatedly.



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