Police maintain Iranian suspects are dangerous

Nairobi (Keydmedia) - Police are maintaining that the two Iranians charged with being in possession of explosives materials are a danger to the public and should not be set free on bail.
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Police claim that the two had a hand in the shipment of more than 100 kilos of RDX lethal chemicals used for making explosives and that 85 kilos of the same is still missing.

The two Ahmed Mohammed and Sayeed Mansour are said to have been armed with 15 kilogrammes of RDX explosives meant to cause grievous harm and that 85 kgs of the RDX is still at large.

In an affidavit sworn by sergeant Erick Opagal attached to Anti terrorism police unit, the two accused persons traveled back to Nairobi from Mombasa after receiving the explosives from an accomplice who is still at large.

The affidavit further states that the two have a vast criminal network in the country whose targets are government installations, public gatherings and foreign establishments.

In the case, the prosecution is opposing to the prayers of the accused to be released on bail for public safety.

The court will make its ruling on the application next week.

Kenyan police arrested the two Iranians last month after they seized chemicals they suspected were going to be used to make explosives in Mombasa, which has been hit by a series of attacks.

The port city, the capital Nairobi and other parts of Kenya have suffered a series of grenade attacks since Kenya sent troops into Somalia last year to try to crush al Shabaab insurgents it blames for a surge in violence and kidnappings threatening tourism in east Africa

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