Press Release From The Government of Galmudug State of Somalia

Press Release — Galmudug was one of the principals and signatories of the Somali Roadmap that ended the Transitional Federal Government and paved the way the election of the current Federal Government.
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Galmudug was also a member of the Technical Revision Committee and the deputy chair of Technical Facilitation Committee of the Federal Constitution adopted by the National Constituency Assembly.

Nevertheless, the Federal State of Galmudug, recognized at Garawe II Highly Consultative meeting as Federal State that needs to expand with the help the of the International Community and Federal Government, is tired and lost all its patience due to the Federal Government’s persistent and continues disrespect of the Federal Constitution during the year and half it was in office.

The Government of Galmudug State of Somalia accentuates a wakeup call to the people of Somalia that the Federal Government demoted all objectives and it’s raison d

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