Prime Minister Sharma’arke arrives in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU ( prime minister of the transitional federal government Omar A/rashid arrived in the capital Mogadishu, early this morning, reports said.
News Keydmedia Online

The prime minister has been in the neighboring country of Kenya, Nairobi for talks he had with the international community, has returned home back.

The Prime Minister Shama’ake’s trip to Nairobi was to persuade the international community about the differences between him and the president Sheik Sharif Sh. Ahmed, reports said.

Omar A/Rashid, the prime minister of the transitional federal government had a meeting with some of his cabinet and parliamentarians after he reached the capital,Mogadishu telling them to take part solving the strong division between him and Sheikh Sh. Sharif, the Somalia president.

No one knows how the differences between the president Sharif and Prime Minister Sharma’arke ends although they are not expectd to talk face to face unless foreign diplomats interferes the situation.

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