Professor Dalha said, “UNDP controls Somalia”.

MOGADISHU ( in an interview he gave to Keydmedia, Professor Mohamed Omar Dalha, former deputy parliament speaker told that United Nations development program’UNDP’ controls Somalia.
News Keydmedia Online

There is no an independent Somali government and every thing given to the government either economic or other materials passes through UNDP line and it represents Somalia, therefore the government is guest, Professor Dalha said.

Professor Mohamed Omar Dalha, is an MPs now and he added that all government councils come under UNDP saying that ministries of health, agriculture are under UN agencies for those affairs.

Speaking about the conflict between top government leaders, Mr. Dalha explained that it is based on leadership livelihood and this comes as there are differences between government officials and a time the situation in the capital is worsening day after day and many Somali civilians are dying in the on going clashes.


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