Prominent elder killed in Balad-Hawo, Gedo region

A well-known elder known as Mohamed Hashi Dirie has been killed last night in the border town of Balad-Hawo, Gedo region.

Warar Keydmedia Online
Prominent elder killed in Balad-Hawo, Gedo region

BALAD-HAWO, Somalia - Armed gunmen have shot the traditional leader dead on his way off the Mosque where he prayed the Isha prayer. 

Mohamed Hashi was among the elders advocating peace and co-existence across the region and Balad-Hawo in particular.

The killers have managed to escape from the scene with security forces conducting an investigation in the surrounding area.

The perpetrators behind the curtains are not usually brought to justice with al-Shabab militants irrelevantly sometimes claiming the responsibility


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