Puntland continues arresting of elders and businessmen.

Bosaso (Keydmedia) - Reports from coastal town of Bosaso, the capital of Bari region, confirmed that number of elders and businessmen has been jailed in the city earlier on Wednesday.
News Keydmedia Online

“30 people including elders and businessmen have been jailed after Puntland security forces attacked to their houses in the city, all of them are jailed in Bosaso,” inhabitant of Bosaso confirmed.

Abdi Hafid Ali Yusuf, the governor of Bari region, yesterday confirmed that security forces of Puntiland conducted the villages of the city and seized elders and businessmen who have been accused of fueling clannish war in the region, families of the detainees denied the allegations

The total of the arrested elders and businessmen are nearly 50.

Some of elders in the resident condemned the indiscriminately arrest which Puntiland administration had stepped.

Reliable news sources told to Keydmedia that the indiscriminate arrest of elders and businessmen came after the businessmen refused to pay much money which Puntiland leader, Abdi Rahman Faroole ordered to give his administration.

The elders have also refused order from Faroole who warned them to face punishments if they (elders) don’t persuade the businessmen to pay the money which the administration asked them.


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