Rain kills children in Mogadishu’s western suburb.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - Two children one of them 30 days old died in 13km resident in Mogadishu’s western suburb After heavy rain began on Wednesday Banadir region and surrounding regions, which affected displaced people.
News Keydmedia Online

Inhabitants of 13km resident confirmed that the rain caused devastating floods which swept many makeshifts in the resident.  “Two children died after heavy rain,” one of 13km residents told. Some reports say that elderly women are also victims of the rain.

13km resident hosted many IDPs who fled from Mogadishu after Ethiopia invaded in Somalia late 2006. Most of the people live there have not good shelters which can protect them from rain and heat.

Meanwhile, the rain affected newly Mogadishu arrived refugee who fled from southern Somalia. Thousands of refugees who escaped from southern Somali drought affected regions reached to Mogadishu lately and live hard condition in Mogadishu though none sufficient aid was given to them.

Southern and central Somali regions has been hit by the worst drought for years, the live stock died and last season’s crop failed.

Escalating wars in Somalia compounded by worst drought for years caused many people to die for hunger and many others to flee from their residents.

The government made the appeal as humanitarian actors reported funding shortfalls. United Nations said that Somalia is the worst place for humanitarian situation where millions are on the verge of to die of hunger.


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