Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys said, “Traders should take part the war”.

MOGADISHU ( Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys,Islamist leader of one wing blamed traders for not participating the wars and ordered them to take part the fighting against the transitional federal government and African union peacekeeping forces in the capital, Mogadishu
News Keydmedia Online

The leader attended a meeting whose purpose was to help internally displaced people living in the suburbs camps of Mogadishu, he said, the business men and women must help the poor people in the refugee’s camps and contribute to the war which is obligatory in the religion as he wrote the statement.   

 Islamist leaders are in great campaign they are giving speech to the people involved in business or rich people in the area where they control to contribute money to what they called holy war or Jihad against the transitional federal government and AMINSOM.

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