Somali, AU forces advance into Jowhar town, militants begin fleeing

KISMAYO, Somalia (Keydmedia) –Witnesses say that hundreds of gun-toting Al-Shabab fighters began on Wednesday, moving out the southern strategic town of Jowhar as Somali and AU troops are coming close to the city.
News Keydmedia Online

A resident in the town of Jowhar, said Wednesday that residents woke up this morning and found that Al shabab fighters had abandoned their fixed bases in fear of major offensive by the allied forces from Somali government and AMISIOM.

Troops on Wednesday were about 10 kilometers from Jowhar town following the launch of the operation on Tuesday that enabled to take over Bal’ad district, 37 kilometers northeast of Mogadishu, hours after the rebels fled.

Locals have expressed fear over the ongoing military operations towards the town of Jowhar, which locates 90 Km nothreast Mogadishu and controlled by Al shabab militants in the past three years. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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