Somali District official killed in Mogadishu car bomb

MOGADISHU (KON) - An official in Mogadishu's Wardhigley district was killed Monday night when an explosive device thought to have been concealed inside his vehicle detonated, District Commissioner and police announced, KON reports.
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Somali District official killed in Mogadishu car bomb

The late official whose name was released only as Dolo was killed instantly in the bomb explosion, which happened minutes after he left a restaurant at Ali Kamin Junction near his home in Wardhigley on Monday evening, Yasin Nor Isse, a DC told local reporters.

Witnesses reported that the victim was wounded in the IED attack and he rushed to a nearby hospital, with severe sharpnel injures, but he was later pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, according to the doctors.

Somali security forces have immediately reached at the scene and launched an investigation into the incident. Scores of suspects in the surrounding area were apprehended by the troops, Residents reported.

Isse attributed the murder of Wardhigley neighbourhood administrator to "anti-peace elements", pinning down the blame on  Al-Shabaab group which has carried out similar attacks against government officials before, but no group has come forward to take responsibility for the incident.

No one claimed immediate responsibility for the killing of the adminstrator on Monday evening in Mogadishu, the latest in a string of attacks in the war-torn Somalia.

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